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Write for Kindness 2018

Winning Entries

Outram students wrote right for ‘Write for Kindness 2018’ and won!

Poetry-writing (Champion team):

Imran Westerhout Hasan (Sec 2/4)                                                 

Nur Aleeyah Binte Mohamed Rizal (Sec 2/4)     

Poetry-writing (3rd place team): 

Zaragoza Sabryne Kirsten Mendoza (Sec 2/3)

Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Chi (Sec 2/3)

Story-writing team: 

Andrea Seng Jun Xin (Sec 2/3)

Adriana Batrisyia Binte Steve Arifianto (Sec 2/5)

Briones Cheyanna Carlyn Javier (Sec 2/5)

Diana Hue (Sec 2/5)

Tan Swee Ling (Sec 2/5)   


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