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Blended Learning Guide

v The Blended Learning Guide (BLG) helps students to get ready for Blended Learning@Home (BL@Home) :
    and to be a self-directed learner

·   contains tips on getting the right space ready for BL@Home

·   gives students ideas about new topics to discover

·   teaches students to plan their time during BL@Home

·   gives them internet search skills 

·   teaches them to evaluate the reliability and usefulness of the information they find

·   gives them tools to organize their information

·   guides them to plan the progress of their projects


v  There are five chapters in the BLG to help students direct their own learning:


Chapter 1        Blended Learning Guidelines                                                                          

                                              BL@Home Dates

                                              BL@Home Schedule

                                              Opportunities and Obligations


Chapter 2        Self-study Skills                                                                                                

                                        Set up the right space for learning

        Set up your goals

        Set up your progress plan

                                              Set up learning routines


Chapter 3        Information Gathering Skills                                                                        

       Google Search Tips

       Google Search Strategies

       Youtube Tutorials


Chapter 4        Information Processing Skills                                                                       

      How to know if the information is reliable (S.U.R.E tips from NLB)             

      How to differentiate between facts and opinions

      How to take notes in short forms and abbreviations

      How to analyse the relevance of information

      How to categorise information using graphic organisers


Chapter 5        Progress Calendar & Journal                                                                        

                                         Follow your progress in the online calendar

 v       The BLG is made available to all students on the SLS.