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The National Cadet Corp is a CCA unlike any other. Here at Outram NCC, Students are groomed to become student leaders who are confident, resourceful, responsible, resilient, and team players through fun and challenging military activities.

Junior Cadets (Secondary 1)

Cadets receive basic training in foot-drills while experiencing exciting training organized by their cadet leaders and teachers. Cadets will also undergo trainings and camps organised by HQNCC.

Some of the thrilling activities they get to participate in include Flying Fox and Basic Survival Course, where they learn about the fruit edibility test and the methods to capture and kill live animals such as frogs.

Senior Cadets (Secondary 2)

Cadets’ trainings will continue to be fun and challenging. Towards the end of the year, they will be presented with opportunities to boost their confidence level and play significant roles during school events.

Among the highlights of a senior cadet is the training in handling the SAR21. Cadets may also request to attend the Intermediate Survival Course where they will put the theories they have learnt into practice.

Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3)

In their third year as a proud member of Outram NCC, cadets will take up leadership positions in the CCA. They will be given various roles to play such as the Platoon Commander where they lead an entire platoon of either the junior or senior cadets.

Cadets will also get to go for live-firing and the Specialist Course.

Senior Cadet Leaders (Secondary 4/5)

Cadets will play a significant role in guiding the newly appointed cadet leaders to play their roles as student leaders well.

Teachers in Charge

Mr Albert Low

Mr Abdul Rahman

Mr Ooi Jason


Wednesday                 2:45 PM – 5:45 PM


Best Unit Competition (2017) – Bronze


Bonding activity between NCC and the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) cadets:

Beyond the Inter-Uniformed Group games during regular training days, the two units had also spent an entire morning together at Alexandra Canal. Cadets from both units had to complete various tasks such as map reading and fact finding along the canal. These activities drew on themes of environmental awareness and basic topography skills, while providing the cadets the platform to do cooperative learning.