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Instructional Programmes 

OSS Total Curriculum Framework


  • The OSS Total Curriculum Framework is a structure that guides the education of every Outramian. The school designs key processes and programmes aimed at developing the child holistically into a successful individual in line with the school’s vision of Lifelong Learners, Innovative Leaders, Caring Contributors and imbued with the school’s values.

  • Guided by the school SPIRIT values (Sense of Belonging, Perseverance, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovative and Teamwork), and equipped with the skills and competencies of the 21st Century, Outramians are developed in the three domains of the School Curriculum, Character Development and Leadership. Each Outramian will experience key programmes in these domains that will build their character and develop them into learners, leaders and contributors of tomorrow.

  • Our three key domains are further supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and the Aesthetics Programme. We give Outramians a broad-based education to ensure an all-round or holistic development; and provide them with opportunities to support their different interests and styles of learning. Being able to choose what and how they learn will encourage them to take greater ownership of their learning.

  • With the evolving education landscape, we have been moving towards an education system that is more flexible and diverse. Undergirded by our three domains, key processes and our SPIRIT values, we will inspire Outramians to pursue their dreams and design their lives to become Lifelong Learners, Innovative Leaders, Caring Contributors.