Department Vision:

Every Outramian a Lifelong Learner, Innovative Leader and Caring Contributor.

Long-term Goal:

To develop students’ mathematical thinking and problem solving skills through 4 key domains.

4 Key Domains

1.      Instructional Strategies: Anchoring on the philosophy of Differentiated Instruction to employ a repertoire of strategies that focuses on Inquiry-Based Learning. The use of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach helps students to visualise and understand mathematical concepts.

2.      Effective Assessment: Conducting alternative assessments and differentiated assessment (assessment for learning, assessment of learning and assessment as learning) to examine and inform students’ level of understanding. The regular feedback from such assessments provides students with many opportunities to improve learning.

3.      Effective Use of ICT: ICT-based activities are designed to help students visualise, explore and investigate mathematical ideas and relationships that would enhance the understanding of abstract mathematical concepts and eventually groom students to be digital literates.

4.      Character Development: Teaching of 21st Century Competencies, Social Emotional Learning and values through daily lessons and enrichment activities.


Mr Ajmal Khan (HOD/Mathematics)

Mr Tan Hock Kwee Oliver (YH/Upper Secondary)

Mr Charles Yip (ST/Mathematics)

Mr Huang Jianyang Marcus (ST/Physics)

Mr Lim Teck Ming

Mdm Lee Suet Har Casey

Mr Lim Ting Long

Ms Ng Yu Yan Gloria

Mdm Chua Yi Ping

Mr Jeremy Lum Wei Jian

Ms Tan Xi Ling

Ms Nurul Nadhirah 


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Alternative Assessments

·   Mathematical Modelling

·   Practical Tasks

·   Mathematics Journaling

 Students demonstrate   applied proficiency in a     real-world context, thus   making learning authentic   and meaningful.

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Mathematics Trail

Students engage in fun mathematical challenges. This provides them with opportunities to display teamwork and hone their problem-solving skills.  

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Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) and (SASMO) Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad trainings and competitions.

Students go beyond their standard curriculum and learn ingenious ways to solve mathematical problems. The competitions help to discover and develop hidden mathematical talents.

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Foundational Mathematics Bridging Programme


O-Level Intensive Revision Programme

Support is given to students to prepare them for both the curriculum and national examinations.

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Mathematics Ambassadors Programme

The Mathematics Ambassadors get together to explore interesting  mathematical concepts and help in the organisation and facilitation of school-wide Mathematics activites.

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South Zone Mathematics Competition (PRWC) 

Schools from the South Zone come together to take part in a mathematics competition organised by Outram Secondary School’s Mathematics Department. The challenges are based on Problems in Real World Context (PRWC) and points are awarded for accuracy and depth of thinking.

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Joy of Learning Quizzes

Tickling students’ grey matter with termly quizzes that require them to think-out-of-the box.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad SMO and SASMO Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad trainings and competitions.JPG
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) and (SASMO) Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad trainings and competitions.